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Generation 1, Chapter 1

Joe Shmoe was not his real name.  He had been advised never to speak his real name again, to assume this alias and move as far away as he could.  That was how Joe came to Lakeland Park.  He had been engaged to the daughter of a local business tycoon.  His father had been a business partner and the two men had arranged a marriage between their two children.  Joe’s father had insisted that the girl was beautiful and charming and he would be lucky to have such a girl.  Joe reluctantly agreed and began to date the daughter.  She was pretty and seemed nice, at first.  She soon became possessive and territorial.  She snapped one afternoon when she saw Joe at the local mall with a childhood friend.  His friend was engaged and Joe was helping her pick out a wedding gift for her husband-to-be.  The daughter took it the wrong way and faster than anyone could realize Joe’s life was in danger.  The daughter had his family murdered and Joe was only just able to escape.  An old friend who was in the SIA got Joe a new identity, a little bit of money and a place to go.

Now here he was in Lakeland Park with a plot of land and some furniture scattered across it.  Joe sighed as he looked out over the lay of his new home.

Surveying his new home

Surveying his new home

Joe was used to a life of luxury but he had to abandon all of that when he fled.  His friend had only been able to send him away with $15,000, which was just enough to buy some land, build an outhouse and buy some meager furnishings.

Joe had been a medical student back home with the desire to become chief of staff a hospital.  Of course being up-rooted left him without a school or a job and it was too late to enroll for this year.  He’d have to find some kind of a job to earn some money to build a house before returning to medical school.  A teenage boy came up the sidewalk and tossed a newspaper at his feet, “Complements of the city council,” the kid called as he strode away.  Joe looked down and picked up his free copy of the Lakeland News.  Now was a good time to start looking.  Joe took the paper and sat down and scanned through the want ads.

Job Hunting

Job Hunting

While it wasn’t quite what he had in mind as a job Joe talked to a man at the fish market who was looking for someone to help him gut and clean fish.  It was far from ideal but the man agreed to pay Joe cash at the end of the day so  Joe accepted hoping it wouldn’t last long.

Since he didn’t have to go to the market until the next morning Joe had the day to himself.  Of course, he knew no one and had no money to go anywhere so Joe settled for playing some chess.

Playing Chess

Playing Chess

Chess relaxed him so he sat practicing his moves well into the afternoon.  He was just getting ready to fix himself something to eat when he noticed a woman walking down the sidewalk.

“Hi!” she called out and walked right up to him and took his hand, “I’m Shanna McCarthy with the Lakeland Park Garden Club.  I greet all our new residents and let them know that if their garden is up to par they can join the club.”  She paused and looked around, “Er, that is if they have one.”

A Visit from Shanna McCarthy from the Garden Club

A Visit from Shanna McCarthy from the Garden Club

Joe followed her gaze to his rather pathetic home.  He rubbed his hand across the back of his neck in a nervous jesture, “Uh, yeah.  Well, I’m still getting established.”

“Yeah, I can see that.  Listen,” she reached into her pocket and slipped a card into his hand, “I’ve got to run now but give me a call later and I can show you around.  No strings attached.”

“Ok, sure.”

“I’ll see you around Joe.”

Shanna walked away leaving Joe feeling a little dazed.  He knew that eventually he would find another girl to be with but he didn’t think doing that so soon was a good idea and he wasn’t sure that Shanna would have been that one.  Of course, she could just have been friendly and not looking for anything more than that.

He was considering that when another one of his neighbors came walking down the street.  Joe’s mouth dropped open when he saw the man approaching him.  He rubbed his eyes certain he was seeing things.  The man approaching him was green!

Joe meets the friendly neighborhood alien, John Doe

Joe meets the friendly neighborhood alien, John Doe

“Hi there,” the green man called out, “I’m John.”

“Uh, Joe.  Joe Shmoe.”

The alien looked at Joe with a raised eyebrow, “I’d ask if that is your real name but I can’t talk.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’m John Doe.”

Joe laughed, “Oh.”

“Welcome to the neighborhood.  You’ll have met Shanna.”

“Yeah, you just missed her.”

“She is always the first to greet the newcomers.”

“I gathered that.”

“She’s all right but if you need a friend, give me a call.”


“Take care.”

A New Friend?

A New Friend?

Joe couldn’t shake the dazed feeling.  The sun had set by the time John left and Joe had to be up at 3 am to make it to the fish market in the morning.  Thinking about all that had happened suddenly made Joe feel exhausted.  He changed into his pajamas and climbed into bed.



As Joe drifted off to sleep he thought that his first day was a little strange but maybe life in Lakeland Park wasn’t going to be so bad.  And then it began to rain…



    It began to rain. *cackles* Poor Joe. WOW … talk about PROBLEMS!! :O) Not that being in hiding cuz your former fiancee is a psycho … it’s nothing to chuckle about. Can’t wait to see where this goes. Is your Joe gonna be gay and fall for John Doe? Can you imagine? John Doe Schmoe. :OD) Has a nice ring to it.

  2. LOL @ John Doe Schmoe.

    Poor Joe. I hope his blankets don’t get moldy.

  3. Mercy he has some heck of a back story. o.O
    erm ya.. maybe Shanna is romance cause lemme just say she moved pretty fast there. hehe … but erm, don’t toss that number, just cause she’s fast doesn’t mean you can’t date her and get maybe some gifts to sell?
    John Doe! Woot and lol about the names.
    omg rain on his first night? How miserable! I hope he didnt get sick.

  4. Aww… poor Joe in the rain. Hopefully he’ll have a roof before it snows.

    *giggling at John Doe Schmoe*

  5. John! *Waves madly*.
    Poor Joe first night under the stars and it rains.

  6. WOW! If guys start telling him their psycho ex stories, he’ll blow them out of the water every time! Killed his whole family???? WOW!

  7. Yikes! Joe was lucky to have a friend who could get him away and hide him.

    Shanna seems nice and pretty though. Ok, maybe a little obsessive about gardens. Wait, obsessive? Never mind. Next applicant please.

    John Doe Schmoe? That’s so good it’s almost scary. *tee-hee*

    Rain? Oops, bet he’s wishing he had put the toilet on the outside and the bed on the in now, huh?

  8. Wow, scary backstory for your Joe! I certainly hope life in Lakeland Park turns out better for him. And friendly neighborhood alien – LOL!

  9. Getting caught up on my Joes here. *grin*

    Oh my. I’d say Joe has a pretty good reason for starting over in a new place with a new name. He’ll probably want to be a little careful when he’s looking for Ms/Mr Right; he wouldn’t want to have moved to get away from one obsessive fiancee just to get another one. *eyes Shaunna carefully*

    Hmm… I wonder if John Doe is in a similar situation as Joe (witness protection program)

    Yay! Fish Chummers unite! (My Joe is a chummer)

  10. Yikes, talk about a seriously over-possessive girlfriend! And an obviously psycho dad. *shudders* Glad to hear Joe was able to get away though.

    Good to see he’s got a plan though and congrats on finding a job so quickly!

    Glad she didn’t dismiss him out of hand when she saw he had no actual house. 🙂 Glad to hear confirmation that she’s not just trying to get Joe into bed. *cheers at John*

    Aw, man, it had to rain too? *pout*

  11. Good thing Joe got away when he could!

    At least he has a job and hopefully things will work out for him.

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