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Generation 1, Chapter 2

“Ugh!  Can’t.  Get. Rid.  Of.  Stupid.  Fish.  Smell.”

Stupid Fish Smell

Stupid Fish Smell

Joe was on his third shower of the day.  No matter how hard he scrubbed he could not seem to shake that fishy odor that now seemed to emanate from his body.  He was not convinced that the $500 he had made gutting fish was worth the stink.  He was slightly relieved that a man that worked for the Lakeland Aquarium had seen him, taken pity on him and offered him a slightly better job, cleaning the dolphin tank.  He was sure that would still stink but he hoped that he at least would not stink as much.  If nothing else this fragrant career options sparked a fire underneath Joe.  He decided he needed to get his act together so he could start medical school the following fall.  He started checking out medical books from the library to keep himself sharp and kept an eye on the papers for any openings as an EMT.  That suited him much better than cleaning fish tanks.

Of course, as luck would have it for Joe there did not seem to be any openings as an EMT so he spent most evenings, reeking of fish and reading medical texts.  Alone.

Studying is lonely work

Studying is lonely work

Joe had become friends with Shanna and John.  To his relief Shanna was only interested in being friends.  In fact, she seemed set on setting him up with one of her friends.  Joe had so far managed to keep her at bay.  He wasn’t sure he could focus on a girlfriend when he, one, wasn’t sure he could handle another girl after the last one and, two, couldn’t afford walls.  Plus there was that lingering fish scent.

Shanna, however, proved herself to be a more than worth adversary.  She tipped off one of her friends and sure enough one afternoon Joe saw a pretty girl jogging in front of his home.  He noticed she slowed down considerably so he figured he’d go say hello.

“Hi there.  You look like you were lost or needed something.  I’m Joe.”  He extended his hand toward the girl.

She took it tentatively and to Joe’s dismay she wrinkled up her nose, “I’m Sadie Allbee.  Do you know you smell like fish?”

Meeting Sadie

Meeting Sadie

Joe fought down a groan, “Yeah, I work at the aquarium.  Its an occupational hazard.”

Sadie laughed, “I’m sure you get used to it.”

Joe grimaced, “Er, no.  Not really.”

“What do you do at the aquarium?”

Joe felt himself growing red.  This conversation was getting more and more humiliating by the second, “Icleanthedolphintanks.”

“I’m sorry.  What was that?”

Joe’s shoulders slumped, “I clean the dolphin tank.”


The awkward silence that followed was too much.  Joe tried to make up for his mortifying job, “Its not glamorous I know but its only temporary.  As soon as the new term starts I’ll be going to medical school.”

“Oh!  That makes sense.  Just something to earn money until you can start.”


So you arent going to clean fish poop for the rest of your life

So you aren't going to clean fish poop for the rest of your life

“Well, anyway, I was just out for a run and Shanna said your house was on the way and I should stop by and–”

“Wait.  Shanna sent you?”

“Well, sort of.  She said I should say hi to you.”

Joe could not stop the groan this time, “I should have known.”

He turned to walk back to his books, “Wait!  Don’t judge me on Shanna.  You’re nice and I’d like to get to know you better.  I don’t care that you smell like fish.”

Joe laughed.  “All right then.  I was just going to make some dinner.  I don’t have much, its only mac and cheese.  Why don’t you join me?”

“Sounds great.”

A Delicious meal of mac and cheese

A Delicious meal of mac and cheese

Joe found himself enjoying his dinner with Sadie a great deal.  While he was a little annoyed at Shanna for sending her to his house he couldn’t help but also feel a little grateful.  He suspected that had he been left to his own devices Joe would have waited a very long time to start dating again.  He had to remind himself that not all girls were like Jen was.  Not all girls would be so possessive.  As Joe looked into Sadie’s warm blue eyes he suspected this girl was not like Jen at all.



  1. Sadie’s cute! LOL at the fish smells.

  2. aw poor Joe smells fishy.. *gets an eyefull and grins*
    *giggles at Joe* Icleanthedolphintanks .. great job! LOL
    *peers behind Sadie and waves to Beryl* well at least she was honest about why she ran by his house… and she doesn’t care that he smells like fish? hmmm.. kinda creepy.
    hmmm.. me thinks our Joe is smitten with the lovely Sadie

  3. Awwww she doesn’t care that he smells like fish :sniggers: tdf.

  4. Awwww. Poor Joe. It sucks not being able to find your dream job & to have to reek of fish every day.

    At least Sadie doesn’t seem to mind. (I’m sure she showered 3 times after she got home, too! *snicker*)

    *waves to Beryl* I’m sorry we didn’t see more of you!

  5. Ah, looks like love may be in the air soon???

  6. Awwww. I like Sadie. :O) She’s so sweet … and she doesn’t mind that Joe smells like fish. Btw, I have a picture of Joe in the shower that looks almost like yours! :O)

  7. Yeah, that smell would definitely linger. Poor guy. *comforts Joe and tries to peek a bit farther down the picture to check out his butt*

    Somehow that doesn’t surprise me that Shanna keeps trying to set him up with some of her friends.

    Aww, poor Joe. Meets a cute girl and still stinks of fish. *covers her mouth with one hand to hide her smirk*

    That was sweet that she was willing to hang around and have dinner with him, fish smell and all. Funny that he completely ignored a Beryl and Anneke walk-by though.

  8. Lets see here… doesn’t mind that he smells like fish and thinks that mac & cheese “sounds great” as well?

    Joe! Marry her! Fast! Don’t let her move in first, marry her before she has a chance to re-think everything. 🙂

  9. Awww, this one seems nice! She doesn’t care about the fish smell and understands he is looking for something better. She is happy with Mac & Cheese…is she a keeper???

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