Posted by: sgtheather | February 3, 2009

Generation 1, Chapter 3

Joe thought a lot about Sadie the following day as he scrubbed at a particularly stubborn stain on the side of the dolphin tank.  The more he thought about it the more he realized that he did like her.  She was cute and nice and didn’t care that his job left him smelling a little like Charlie Tuna.  When his shift ended that day Joe had decided that he would call Sadie and ask her to go dancing and maybe have dinner with him.  He had to start dating again sometime and Sadie seemed like as good a girl to start with as any.

Once he got home Joe showered and did his best to make himself smell more like a human.  He called Sadie and found himself to be rather nervous.

“Hi, Sadie?  This is Joe.”

“Hi Joe!  I’m so glad you called!  I was just getting ready to head off to Midnight Flows to meet some friends for dancing.  But I could ditch them and dance with you instead.”

“Uh, ok.”

“Great!  I’ll meet you there.”

Sadie hung up and Joe found himself staring at the receiver.  He called to ask Sadie out and she ended up asking him out.  He shrugged and called a cab to take him to Midnight Flows.

Once he got there Joe found Sadie all ready out on the dance floor so he made his way to her.

Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

“Hey Joe!” she called when she saw him.

“Hi Sadie.  You look nice.”

“Thanks.  Hey!  No fish smell.”

Joe felt his face grow hot, “It took a lot of effort so I hope you appreciate it.”

Sadie leaned in close to Joe’s neck, “Mmm, I do.”

Her closeness made Joe feel a little uneasy.  He wasn’t really sure why but having Sadie so near him did not feel comfortable to him.  He shrugged it off and chalked it up to first date jitters.

After awhile when it didn’t feel any better he suggested they play some darts.

“You’re on!” Sadie answered, “I’m awesome at darts!”

Playing Darts

Playing Darts

It turned out that Sadie was rather good at darts.  Joe was not.  Not only was she good she was also a bit of a poor winner.  Every time she her dart landed where she intended to land she jumped up and down whooping leaving Joe feeling rather embarrassed.

When their game was finally over Sadie challenged him for best two-out-of-three.

“Uh, that’s ok.  I don’t think I could beat you no matter how many trys I had,” Joe countered, suppressing a grimace.

“Yeah, that’s true.  What do you want to do?”

Joe resisted the urge to say go home and said, “I’m kind of hungry, do you want to get something to eat?”

“Sure.  There is a restaurant upstairs.”

They walked up the stairs to the restaurant.  It looked nice enough.  He hoped Sadie would relax a little and he’d see more of the girl he had first met.  The hostess showed them to their table and Joe glanced over the menu, his breath catching in his throat when he saw the prices.  Sadie ordered Filet Mignon, of course, and Joe did a quick calculation in his head before ordering nothing more than a bowl of soup.

Dinner Conversation

Dinner Conversation

Joe found himself eating his soup in silence while Sadie recounted for him her life history.  He could hardly get a word in edgewise.  Joe found that he had learned far more about Sadie Allbee then he had ever wanted to in an entire lifetime let alone on a first date.  Or did their first encounter count as a date?  He didn’t know but he didn’t care, he was anxious for this date to be over.

After what seemed like hours, Sadie finally finished her grossly overpriced steak.  She glanced down at her watch, “Oh my, look at the time!  I should get going.”

“Yeah,” Joe muttered, “It’s late.”

Sadie leaned in close to Joe, “I had a good time.  We’ll have to do this again.”  And before Joe could say a word she kissed him and skipped away.

A kiss good night

A kiss good night

Joe stood there thinking he did not want to go out with Sadie again.  In fact he didn’t think he wanted to go out with anyone again.  At least not for a long time.  But then he saw, her.



  1. GAAAAAAAAAH!!! SGT!!! How dare you leave it there. Here I was, all ready to escort Joe home so I could show him how much of a good time he could have with a REAL woman … and you go and push me off a cliff … where I’m currently hanging. *pokes the SGT*

  2. I’m with Captain Ang! Poor Joe — sounds like Sadie was sooo much not his type! She was too into herself..

    I wanna know who he saw!!

  3. *hangs on to the edge of the cliff next to the Capt.*

  4. I guess Sadie turned out to be a dud. But you left us hanging! Who did Joe see?!

  5. o.O wow… nice cliff hanger! LOL
    That Sadie sure is full of herself.. glad he ditched her for … erm .. ‘her’ hehe

  6. Not too full of herself is she? Right!

    And you left us like that? No teaser photo? No profile? Just… “her.”

    That’s ebil, Sgt. Just pure ebil.
    (good job)

  7. Hmm, it seems like the the Joes sometimes have trouble finding the right lady right away! 🙂

  8. Her??? Woman I am not amused!

  9. Poor Joe! I don’t like Sadie either.

    But who is… her?

  10. Hehe, guess she threw him for a bit of loop there, offering to ditch her friends and go dancing with him. He shoulda sounded more excited though, since he’d called her to ask her to go dancing anyway. *tickles Joe*

    *frowns* Why would having her near him make him feel awkward? *blinks* Is there more to Sadie than we know?

    Is she just too enthusiastic? Or is there something sinister going on that Joe just wants to go home? *comforts Joe*

    Poor Joe. I think Sadie is just too energetic and enthusiastic for his tastes. And who is “her”? *peers*

  11. Then he saw her? Saw who? Did he see someone else he was more attracted to? ARRGH!!

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