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Generation 1, Chapter 4

She was the most beautiful, most incredible woman Joe had ever laid eyes on. (Simmer’s Note: Yes, they are a three-bolt couple.  How could I say no to that?)  He couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was but he was drawn to her more strongly then he had ever been drawn to anyone.  Sadie Allbee and the Disaster Date had flown from his mind.  She was the only thing in his mind.  Without thinking twice, without thinking about how it must look for a random person to approach a woman on the dance floor Joe moved toward her.

Her eyes met his and Joe felt his whole body go numb.  He didn’t have to wonder if she felt it to because she started to move toward him.  Her hair, her eyes, Joe didn’t know if his legs would hold him.  She was in front of him, Joe realized he wasn’t breathing.  He took a breath so he could speak and said, “Hi.  I’m Joe.  And you are exactly what I’ve been looking for all my life.”

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

He hadn’t even paused to think that to another person such a statement would sound crazy.  That most women would be instantly turned off.  It was almost as if he knew with her it would not matter.  She smiled at him, “Well, Joe, I certainly hope so.  I’m Ericka.”

The conversation that followed was light and natural.  Nothing felt forced.  It was as if the two of them were old friends who were merely catching up, not total strangers anxious to hear every detail of the other’s life.  In fact they stood talking on the dance floor, completely oblivous to everyone around them.  Finally, the burning in Joe’s eyes reminded him it was late and he had to be up early in the morning to make sure those dolphins had a nice clean tank.  He reluctantly said good-bye to Ericka and went home.

Joe woke up the following morning before dawn just like he always did but this morning everything seemed different.  In fact, as Joe sat eating his toaster pastry he could think of nothing but Ericka.

Reflecting on the girl of his dreams in the wee hours of the morning

Reflecting on the girl of his dreams in the wee hours of the morning

In fact, he found himself so happy and so at peace thinking of her that he didn’t even noticed that it was raining on him.  Joe’s happiness continued through work that day.  He could not keep his mind from returning to Ericka no matter how many times he tried to make it focus on something else.

The part of Joe that existed before he was Joe told him not to call Ericka as soon as he got home.  But his heart would suggest otherwise.  He could not resist and picked up the phone and called Ericka.

Asking Ericka out on a date

Asking Ericka out on a date

“Ericka?  This is Joe, we met last night,” a sudden rush of panic filled Joe.  What if she didn’t remember him?

“Joe!  Hi!  How are you?”

“I’m well.  How are you?”


There was a small pause before Joe plunged on, “I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime.”

“Of course!  When?”

“Well, um, what are you doing tonight?”

“I don’t have any plans.”

“Would you like to go to Rodney’s?  We could have dinner and play some cards.”

“That sounds great!  I’ll see you there!”

When they arrived at Rodney’s and Joe laid eyes on Ericka he felt his heart leap.  She took his breath away.  They walked inside and gave their names to the hostess.  She told them it would be a half hour wait for a table.  Without really thinking about what he was doing Joe caught Ericka up in his arms and began dancing around the place with her.

Care to dance?

Care to dance?

Ericka couldn’t help but smile back at Joe as the waltzed around the place.  They were both blind to everything else but each other.  In fact, it took the hostess several tries to break them apart to tell them their table was ready.

They sat down and began their dinner.  The both found that conversation was completely natural.  They each shared with each other and no one monopolized the conversation, unlike Joe’s last date.

A lovely dinner conversation

A lovely dinner conversation

When their meal arrived the conversation continued.  They did not notice the crowd of people who had been there when the arrived had dwindled.  In fact, the manager had to come up and tell them it was an hour past closing time and he could not wait for them any longer.  They were both slightly embarassed and apologized for keeping the manager.

It was long after dark and they stood outside beneath a street lamp waiting for their cabs.  Joe insisted on waiting for Ericka’s cab to arrive before taking his own.

“I had a wonderful evening,” Ericka told him as they waited.

“So did I.  I really want to see you again.”

“Me too.”

Joe stepped forward and pulled Ericka told him and kissed her.  The kiss began soft and grew in intensity.  It wasn’t until Ericka’s cab honked that they pulled apart.

Incredible kiss good night

Incredible kiss good night

Joe rode home in his own cab and knew that he had found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.



  1. Awww, yay for finding true love! She’s very pretty.

  2. our Joe is smitten! the love bug has crawled up his pant leg and bitten him. I cant believe he let her go home.. twice.. without taking her home to his place!
    three bolts, who would try and fight it? I know I wouldnt. Grats on the perfect match!

  3. *sigh* Twue wuv!

    *snickering at the voyeur gypsy in the background*

  4. Yay for three bolts! And future red headed kids, hee hee! Yeah, i saw the gypsy too, and thought it was funny–she won’t be getting any of Joe’s money!

  5. Yay for Joe finding his One True Love!

    (also, LOL! the suggested ‘related post’ is about dates from hell! Hee!)

  6. Wooo hoo on a 3LB love!

    Hmm.. how do you know the gypsy didn’t have anything to do with it? lol Maybe Ericka paid her to help find her soulmate… lol (just kidding)

    Awww.. i bet those two are going to make some purdy kiddos!

  7. TWU WUV!!!! And 3 bolts, too! I’m jealous. 🙂 You just can’t beat 3 bolt love. Is the gypsy gonna play an important part in the story later on? Will we learn more about Joe’s past?? :O)

    Love Ericka’s tattoos. :O))

  8. Ohhh red head genes, you are so lucky!
    They look so cute together. I’m glad Joe ignored his old self.

  9. Gah! What a cheeseball line!! “You are exactly what I’ve been looking for my entire life.” *rolls her eyes* But she is a cutie. (And you’re right, you can’t mess with a 3-bolt couple.)

    I hope Sadie doesn’t cause problems with the potential relationship with Ericka.

    Aww, his nervousness is so cute! *melts* That’s so awesome that their first date was absolutely perfect. 😀

    Yay for finding true love!

    I would wish my Joe had found a 3-bolter too, but I honestly don’t think he and Anneke could possibly be more in love and more into each other than they are, so 2-bolts is okay with me. 😉

  10. Awww, she does seem so much better a match than Sadie. How will Sadie feel about this?

    *sigh* my Joe found a 2 bolt, so that isn’t too bad.

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