Posted by: sgtheather | February 9, 2009

Generation 1, Chapter 5

Joe had come to a decision.  It really wasn’t a difficult decision for him to make.  He knew he was going to do it the moment he first saw Ericka.  He was going to ask Ericka to marry him.  He had saved up what little money he had and bought a ring for her.  She was on her way over and he was going to take her to dinner.

When she arrived, Joe took her hands and looked into her eyes, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  Have I told you that recently?”

Ericka felt her face grow warm, “I think you might have mentioned it a time or two.”

“Are you ready to go?” he cooed into her ear.

“Mmhmm.  Where are we going?”

“I thought we’d try the 125 Cafe.”

“Oh Joe!  That is expensive and I’m not dressed for it.”

“You look marvelous.  Let’s go.”

The most beautiful girl

The most beautiful girl

When they arrived at the cafe the hostess seated them in a quiet secluded booth.  When Joe had called and made the reservations he had explained he would be proposing.  The manager complied and arranged for them to have a private booth.  Ericka was surprised.  She had eaten at the 125 Cafe once before and had been seated at a table in the middle of the dining room.  It had appeared that important people got the private booths.  Of course she did not know what Joe had in mind.

After they had ordered and waited for the food to arrive Joe slid a little closer to Ericka and slipped his arms her.  He liked how she seemed to fit just right.  She smelled so good it almost made Joe dizzy.  “Ericka, I love you.”

“I love you too Joe.”

“I feel like I have known you my entire life.  I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.”

“I feel the same way.”

True Love

True Love

Joe was just getting ready to slip the ring out of his pocket when the waitress arrived and placed their food in front of them.  Joe forced a smile at the woman as Ericka slid in front of her plate and began to eat.

“The food is amazing!” she exclaimed when she took a bite of of her risotto.

Joe decided that he had to do it now.  He would go crazy if he had to wait any longer.  “Ericka, there was something I wanted to ask you.”

Ericka looked up at him.  She suspected nothing, “What’s that Joe?”

“Well, I was saying that I’m happier with you then I ever have been.  I’ve known since the moment I first laid eyes on you that there was no one else in all the world for me.  I want to grow old with you.  Ericka Okuma, will you marry me?”

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Ericka’s jaw dropped open.  She looked from Joe to the little black box on the table and back to Joe.  It felt like forever before Ericka reached out with a trembling  hand and opened the box.  Inside glittered a small diamond.  It was all he had been able to afford.

“Oh Joe,” she whispered.

What will she say?

What will she say?

Joe held his breath.

“Of course I’ll marry you!” she exclaimed pulling the ring free and slipping it onto her finger.

She said yes!!!

She said yes!!!

“Its so beautiful.”

“It’s nothing compared to you.”



  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! How romantic. Can I merge all the Joe’s into one Joe and marry him myself? Please, please, pretty please?! :O)) *sighs blissfully*

  2. Awwwwww so sweet!

  3. That was very sweet. I’m going to go brush my teeth now.

  4. omg me too … *runs to brush her teeth*
    that was so very sweet!

  5. That was real sweet. I just know they are going to be happy and have beautiful redhaired children 😀

  6. You got some great pics there, SGT! Congrats to Joe!

  7. Tsk, that’s sweet of you to say, but you just don’t understand how important it is to most women to look their best at fancy places. *grins*

    Geeze, I can’t keep the smile off my face reading this, they’re just so storybook perfect together! Yay for a yes!! *cheers*

    I’m still waiting for Sadie to make a scene though. 😉

    *snickers at Lisa’s comment*

  8. Yeah! Another Joe is on his way to be happily married.

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