Posted by: sgtheather | February 11, 2009

Generation 1, Chapter 6

Joe and Ericka got married in a small ceremony in front of a judge.  They wanted to begin their life as a married couple as quickly as possible and seeing as neither one had family around there was no reason to wait.  The ceremony was informal but they did write their own vows.

Joe went first, “Ericka, I love you. You are my best friend and will be forever. Today I give myself to you in marriage to be your husband. I promise to encourage you, to laugh with you and to comfort you in times of sorrow. I promise to love you in good times and bad. I promise to cherish and respect you. I vow to be true and faithful for as long as we both shall live. Because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you, caring, loving and being there for you in all life has for us. I will always be the person that you can trust, talk to and the person that will always understand. I will make my home in your heart. These promises I give you today and all of the days of our lifes. Take this ring as a sign of my faith and commitment. Our love has given us wings and our journey begins today.”

With this ring...

With this ring...

And then Ericka, “Joe, I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give.  I promise to accept you the way you are. I fell in love with you for the qualities, abilities, and outlook on life that you have, and won’t try to reshape you in a different image.  I promise to respect you as a person with your own interests, desires, and needs, and to realize that those are sometimes different, but no less important than my own.  I promise to keep myself open to you, to let you see through the window of my personal world into my innermost fears and feelings, secrets and dreams.  I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face change as we both change in order to keep our relationship alive and exciting.  And finally, I promise to love you in good times and in bad, with all I have to give and all I feel inside in the only way I know how… completely and forever.”

I thee wed

I thee wed

When the judge annouced he could kiss the bride Joe and Ericka lost themselves in a kiss that could have moved mountains.

You may kiss the bride

You may kiss the bride

They were unable to afford a honeymoon.  They decided that they would take a lavish vacation later when the could afford it.  Maybe for an anniversary.  Joe had recently finished remodeling in preparation for Ericka moving in as his wife.  So that evening, after they returned from the courthouse Ericka went into the bedroom to change while Joe finished putting away their marriage certificate.  When he entered the bedroom what he saw took his breath away.

Joes view

Joe's view

Joe walked to the bed and took his place beside Ericka.  He took her into his arms after looking her up and down from head to toe.  “You are absolutely stunning, Mrs. Shmoe.”

“Why thank you Mr. Shmoe.”

Mr. and Mrs. Shmoe

Mr. and Mrs. Shmoe

Joe gently pushed Ericka back down on the bed and began to kiss her deeply.  They had not yet been intimate with each other and they both felt like their bodies were on fire.

Turning up the heat

Turning up the heat

When they began to make love they took their time and it was the most intimate and tender joining either of them had ever experienced.  They gazed into each others eyes the whole time.

First time as one

First time as one

They spent the rest of the night exploring each other’s bodies and eventually fell asleep with their arms and legs so entangled that you could not tell where one stopped and the other began.



  1. Awwwwww… 🙂

  2. Your Joe is so sweet.

  3. Awwwww

  4. those vows were very sweet Sgt

  5. Loved the vows. Wow. Very nice.

  6. Oh, your vows are beautiful Sgt. *offers congratulations and well wishes to the happy couple*

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. :O)

  8. Awww, how sweet. I’m so happy that these two found each other.

    Good job on the vows. Very impressive.

  9. Congratulations on your wedding! And what beautiful vows. (DH’s and mine were something very similar in vein to theirs. *beams*)

    I like Ericka’s make-over and the pink undies look good against her dark skin. I hope they are as happy together the day they die as they are the day they officially became one. 😀

  10. Cute pink lingerie! 🙂

  11. AWWWW – how soon till the babies??

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