Posted by: sgtheather | February 16, 2009

Generation 1, Chapter 7

Fall turned to winter and it wasn’t long before Lakeland Place was covered in a blanket of fluffy white snow.

Winter sets in

Winter sets in

Joe and Ericka were settling into married life quite nicely.  In fact, luck smiled on Joe shortly after their wedding and one morning while scanning through he found that there was a position working as an EMT.  This was perfect since he was set up to begin medical school in the spring.  Joe took the job and was looking forward to finally having the career he had hoped for all along.


EMT at last!

EMT at last!

Joe was working the night shift so he and Ericka’s paths crossed limited amounts of time.  He always sat and studied at the kitchen table while she at her breakfast.

Making time to be together

Making time to be together

Ericka was an avid reader as well.  While many couples spent their time together after work watching television the Shmoes could be found sitting together both engrossed in a book.

Studying together

Studying together

Life was good for Joe and Ericka.  The love and passion they shared for each other seemed to grow even when the monotony of daily life.  Ericka was a much better cook then Joe so she often prepared their meals but lately she seemed to have an obsession with grilled cheese sandwiches.  That seemed to be the only food she wanted to eat.

Grilled cheese again?

Grilled cheese again?

Joe noticed this and while he wasn’t one to complain about what Ericka cooked, he was grateful she cooked as he was a terrible cook, he was getting a little tired of the same thing night after night.  He was also starting to get a little bit worried.  He noticed she was sleeping all the time.

Sleeping too much

Sleeping too much

So one day when Joe got home from work he decided to confront Ericka about this.  He was worried and needed to know what was going on with his wife.  He woke her up gently and Ericka sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Ericka, I’m worried about you.  What’s going on?”

She stood up to face him, “Well Joe, there is something I have to tell you.”



  1. Whaaaa?? That’s where you leave us? EBIL I say, Ebil!!!

  2. Yay, cravings …. tiredness … could it be?

  3. I can’t believe you did that!

  4. Oh my goodness, how can you just stop there??

  5. Is she…pregnant? Why do you do this to us and leave it like this…again! Last time I didn’t care as I wa catching up, now I want an update!

  6. Yay, I got caught up on your Joe! And man, I have been missing some really good stuff. I’m thrilled that your Joe has found true love and looks to be a father soon! And woot, Joe finally got a job in the medical career. GO JOE!

  7. Woohoo!! Baby-baby-baby! :O)) I love that shot of the snow covering the house. Very Christmasy! Very seasonal!

  8. I agree with Ange–that is a very pretty shot with all the snow! I thought Joe was a smart guy–he should have figured out what is “wrong” with her. 🙂

  9. Uhoh… cravings for only kind of food… being tired all the time… Ericka’s a cheesehead! Er… I mean… 😉

  10. Oh my. Craving grilled cheese sandwiches? That can only mean a couple things… either Ericka is from Wisconsin, or that little something she has to tell Joe is that there might be new addition to the family. I guess we can only wait and see 😉

  11. Congrats on getting a job as an EMT! *cheers* That’s sweet that they figured out a way to be together, even if their schedules were polar opposite.

    They’re so sweet together. Even if she has developed a fascination with grilled cheese sandwiches. 😉 Hmm, that plus sleeping a lot would have me worried too.

    You left it THERE?!? Pfft, I know she’s gonna tell him she’s knocked up, but that’s still mean to leave it there! :-b

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