Posted by: sgtheather | March 5, 2009

Generation 1, Chapter 9

Ericka’s pregnancy went along smoothly.  She had very few complications.  Joe thought she glowed and was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  Ericka thought she resembled a beached whale.  Her abdomen had swelled so large that she hardly recognized herself anymore.

Ericka nears the end of her pregnancy

Ericka nears the end of her pregnancy

Things were really going quite perfectly for Joe and his family.  That is until Sadie Allbee decided to pay a visit.

It had been an unseasonably warm winter day.  The light dusting of snow had melted and it was almost deceptively spring like.  Ericka was inside resting.  She tired out easily carrying around such additional weight and they had just returned home from the market.  Joe was taking the trash to the curb when he saw Sadie approaching.

She was upon him before he was able to react.  She grasped his hand and pressed her lips to it before saying, “Hey Joe, its been a long time.  No more fish smell I see.”

Sadie returns

Sadie returns

Appalled Joe yanked his hand from her grasp, “What are you doing here?”

“I just thought I’d come by for a little chat.  I’ve missed you Joe.”

“I thought I made it perfectly clear to you that I was not interesting in continuing a relationship with you.”

“Joe, Joe, Joe.  I gave you your space but now I’m back.  I’ve changed.  I think we should go out again.”  She reached her hand out toward him but Joe jumped away.

“No!  Sadie, I’m not interested in you!  Can’t you get that through your head?”

Joes not interested Sadie

Joe's not interested Sadie

“Of course you are interested Joe.  How could you not be?”

“Sadie, you are self-absorbed.  You aren’t my type.  I’m sorry.  I’m not interested.”

“Come on Joe.”

“Sadie, I’m married.  My wife is pregnant with our first child.  I’m not interested.”

“Married?  You’re married?  How can you be married?”

“Easily.  I met a girl, I fell in love with her and I married her.  She’s eight months pregnant.”

“What what about me?”

Joe was getting exasperated with  her, “what about you?”

“I thought we had something Joe.”

“No, Sadie we had a date.”

“We  had something.  You just wait Joe.  I’ll show you.  It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but I’ll show you.”

Sadie makes her vow

Sadie makes her vow

Before he could say another word, Sadie turned and ran from his property.  Joe ran a hand through his hair unable to believe what had just happened.  He knew Sadie was self-absorbed but he never guessed she was unstable.  He turned to go back in the house only to see Ericka looking at him from the window.



  1. Stalker Sadie!

  2. Sadie is scary. Joe should invest in some sentry bots to keep her off the lot.

  3. Oh dear. And Ericka saw? So not good.

  4. GAH!!! I knew she as a bad penny! She was so freakin’ WEIRD!! O__o Get a restraining order, Joe. Get one!!

  5. Oh noez!! Ack! Watch yer back, Joe…

  6. In that last shot, Sadie looks like she can’t decide whether to fume at Joe or cry. Either way, someone’s a little psycho. *makes crazy sim gesture* But yeah Joe, you might want to take some steps to protect your family. Sentry bot. Guard dog. Restraining order. Large guy named Vinny standing threateningly by the front door. Whatever works.

  7. ooooh .. creepy chick alert!
    ya Erica may have seen, but she should have seen him brushing the chick off so meh .. he’s a good egg, he would nevah cheat .. nope, not your Joe.
    two words Joe.. Sentry Bot! or is that one word? or maybe a hyphenated word… hmmm..

  8. Oh yeah… Sadie has that stalkerish air about her… self-absorbed and po’d. Watch out Joe!
    Come’on, Erica — you had to see Joe wanted no parts of her!

  9. Erika is definitely pretty!

    Uh-oh… why do I suspect Sadie’s visit doesn’t bode well for Joe and Erika’s happiness?

    Wow, Joe got so upset, he put his hand right through his own abdomen! *shudders* Why do I sense a “Fatal Attraction” coming on?

    Well, at least she didn’t realize he was married. But you know, that should have been her clue to back the heck off!

    Yikes, hopefully Erika won’t be upset. I mean, they obviously were NOT flirting there.

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