Posted by: sgtheather | March 19, 2009

Generation 1, Chapter 10

Ericka looked at Joe with sad eyes when he came into the house.  “Who was that Joe?”

Joe walked toward his wife with his arms outstretched, “Oh Ericka, she’s nobody.  Just an ex-girlfriend.”

Ericka pulled back, “An ex-girlfriend?”

“Well, that’s probably saying too much.  We went out on a date once.  It went horribly.  And then, I met you.”

To Joe’s horror Ericka’s eyes welled with tears.  He saw them flicker to the clock on the wall, “You’re going to be late for work.”

Without another word she walked into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.  Cursing his job, Joe reluctantly left and went to work.

When he came back home Ericka was sitting in the living room reading a book.  She got to her feet and went to leave the room but Joe caught her.  “Ericka, you  have to believe me when I tell you there was never anything with Sadie but one very bad date.”

There was nothing with Sadie

There was nothing with Sadie

Ericka could not help it and the tears that had been threatening spilled from her eyes, “I just felt like I was repulsive to you.  I’m so big and fat.  I feel like a beached whale most of the time.”

Joe drew his wife to him, “Oh Ericka, you are not repulsive to me.  Far from it.  In fact, I find you even more beautiful now then I ever did before.”

“You do?” she sniffled.

Joe couldn’t help but give a small laugh, “Of course I do, you are carrying our child.  What could possibly be more beautiful and attractive then that?”

“Do you mean it?”

“With all my heart.”

Even more beautiful

Even more beautiful

It was a few days after the incident with Sadie, Ericka was reading a baby book while Joe did some studying for school.   Ericka felt like she needed to use the bathroom and when she stood up she felt a warm gush of water between her legs.  That was when the first contraction hit.  She grasped her stomach, “Joe!”

Labor Begins

Labor Begins

Joe rushed to Ericka’s side.  Even though he had helped deliver several babies as an EMT he was momentarily struck dumb and did not quite know what to do.  Ericka groaned in pain and Joe felt completely helpless.

Time to Push

Time to Push

Finally, Joe gathered his wits about him, called the midwife and went to aid his wife in the delivery in their first child.  After several hours of labor Ericka came though beautifully and in her arms she held their first born, a daughter.

Meet Jane

Meet Jane

Joe had never seen anything so amazing in all his life.



  1. Ericka is definitely hormonal. 🙂 Poor girl. Sadie is CRAZY!!! Joe needs to get a restraining order or something. Otherwise, I fear for his growing family.

    *waves to Jane* She’s so adorable! Look at those eyes! Those lips!

  2. Aww, what a very sweet, and oh-so-realistic update! I love it.

    *giggles* Check out the “possibly related posts” at the bottom. I was totally confused for a minute until I realized it was someone ELSE’S blog talking about a completely different Ericka and Joe and babies!

  3. *collective ‘aw’*
    That was very sweet.
    Welcome to the family Jane

  4. Poor Ericka. And Joe is so sweet with her. Welcome Jane, woot for redheaded babies 😀

  5. Hooray, baby time! And the two have resolved their potential differences just in time. I’m a little worried that Sadie may not be permanently gone from the picture, though…

  6. That was pretty cool how you were able to communicate the insecurities of the pregnant wife 🙂

  7. *frowns* Um, okay… I know women can get emotional when they’re pregnant and their hormones are totally out of whack… but c’mon, he went on a date with her ONCE -before- he knew you, Erika. And that was definitely NOT a lovey-dovey scene out on the front lawn. *pokes Erika*

    I’m glad he was able to stop her from leaving the room again and convince her she was everything he ever wanted. 🙂

    Welcome baby Jane! *cheers*

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