Posted by: sgtheather | March 22, 2009

Life with an Infant

Life for Ericka and Joe changed drastically with Jane’s birth.  Jane was a good baby and cried very little.  Ericka and Joe were lucky in that their work schedules allowed them to stay home with Jane and they did not have to hire a nanny to take care of her.  Joe found himself to be completely taken with his little daughter.

Daddys Little Princess

Daddy's Little Princess

He did not mind changing her diapers.

Changing diapers isnt so bad

Changing diapers isn't so bad

Joe discovered that he never knew he was capable of such love.  When he looked at Jane his heart felt like it was going to burst.  Jane’s arrival made  Joe feel like his life was complete.

A little angel

A little angel

Of course even with a newborn it is important for adults to have time to themselves.  Joe and Ericka did manage to find some time to be alone together.

Grown-up Time

Grown-up Time

Maybe Jane would get a little brother or sister.



  1. Jane is a cutie.

    I like how you have the nursery decorated.

  2. golly lots of ‘aw’ there!

  3. I love the nursery. And I do think Jane would like a little brother or sister. At least, if she were old enough to talk she’d probably say so *chuckle*

  4. Cute 🙂 I too love the nursery.

  5. Wow … that as a short update. I really think Joe, and all his clones, makes a really good father. :O)

  6. Awww, perhaps another one on the way? 😉 The nursery is cute!

  7. Aww *melts at the shots of Joe and his little princess*

    Ooo, does Jane get a sibling? *grins* If your Joe is anything like most of the rest of ours, he’s a fertile fella! *giggles*

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