Posted by: sgtheather | March 26, 2009

How Fast They Grow

Joe and Ericka could hardly believe how fast Jane grew.  It seemed like one day she was a tiny newborn helpless in their arms and the next she was a toddler looking for trouble at every turn.  Of course with this meant potty training was on the horizon.

Potty Training

Potty Training

Of course, Joe and Ericka quickly discovered the joys of having a toddler and Ericka certainly loved seeing her daughter turn into a little person before her eyes.  Mother and daughter had a strong bond.

Mother and Daughters unbreakable bond

Mother and Daughter's unbreakable bond

Of course Ericka was also expecting another little one.  So she cherished the one on one time she shared with Jane because she knew it would be short lived.

Labor Begins, again

Labor Begins, again

Of course, as luck would have Joe was at work and unable to make it home in time to help much.

Where are you Joe???

Where are you Joe???

Fortunately, Joe was able to make it just in time to welcome his son into the world.

Second Generation: Justin Shmoe

Second Generation: Jason Shmoe

Welcome to the second generation heir, Jason Shmoe.



  1. Jane is really adorable. And welcome to the family, Jason!

  2. *coos at Jason*

  3. lol Jane looks like she’s pouting on the potty
    *tickles Jason* he’s a cootie too. they sure make pretty babies

  4. *Welcomes the new heir* Another cutie!

  5. Oooh, another baby and the heir. Hooray! 😀 Red hair all around!

  6. WOOT! A son! :O) Guess you’re going for male heirs then? Little Jane does NOT look happy to be using the potty. :O)

  7. Aww, that shot of Jane on the potty is adorable!! 😀

    Ooo, Jane -is- getting a sibling! *cheers*

    Another cutie-pie! Welcome Jason. 😀 Good luck with what the future holds for you, Jason. Being the heir is a big responsibility.

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