Posted by: sgtheather | March 31, 2009

Children or Weeds?

Joe noticed that his life seemed to whirl by faster then he had time to stop and appreciate.  He had finished medical school and finally felt like he was able to support his family but being a resident is demanding and before he knew it his little girl was getting ready to start school.

Jane grows to a child

Jane grows to a child

Not surprisingly Jane has proven herself to be an exceptionally bright child.  She has inherited her parents thirst for knowledge and its not unusual to find her immersed in a book of some kind.

A chip off the old block(s)

A chip off the old block(s)

In fact, Jane was proving to be so intelligent that public school wasn’t challenging her.  It was her father who made the phone call to Lakeland Academy and arranged a meeting with the headmaster to gain admission for Jane.

So Joe and Ericka had the headmaster over for dinner and the headmaster was thoroughly impressed with Jane and found no reason she should not be admitted.  In fact, he even noticed little Jason in the crib and said that they would grant admission to all their children. (Ok not really but it saves me from having to write a headmaster scenario for all of the generation 2 children.)

Admission to Lakeland Academy

Admission to Lakeland Academy

Shortly after Jane started at Lakeland Academy it was time for the Shmoe’s to celebrate Jason’s first birthday.  They kept the affair small and just the family.

Jasons First Birthday

Jason's First Birthday

Jason Shmoe - Toddler

Jason Shmoe - Toddler

Joe and Ericka had at first been concerned about sibling rivalry and jealousy on Jane’s part but their fears were unfounded.  A closer pair one would have been hard pressed to find.  It seemed that if Jane wasn’t lost in a book she was to be found in Jason’s nursery teaching him nursery rhymes.

Jane teaches Jason a nursery rhyme

Jane teaches Jason a nursery rhyme

Or just generally be a sweet and affectionate big sister.

Affection between siblings

Affection between siblings

Yes, when Joe looked back his life was good.  He had two beautiful children, an amazing wife and his career was going well.  In fact there was nothing more Joe wanted.



  1. Awwww that last picture of Jane and Jason together is too sweet!!

  2. Daaaaaaaaaaaw! That last picture is just so adorable. Jane is a really cute kid, btw. :O) Jason is really cute.

  3. Aww, they are two cuties! I really love that red hair with their coloring. It’s odd, but a nice kind of odd. Can’t wait to see them grow even more!

    I tend to skip out on even bothering to mention headmasters anymore, LOL!

  4. that last photo is pure win! ;D So why do I have a feeling the DRAMAZ (aka Sadie) is going to rear its ugly little head soon?

  5. As cute as the kiddos are (and they are adorable) I’m with Tracy. You mention how wonderful his life is and “In fact there was nothing more Joe wanted.”
    Makes me wonder when the other shoe is gonna drop… what drama(z) is awaiting them…
    dun dun dun….

  6. My Joe’s kids were like that too. Nico was always autonomously doing something sweet with Arabella.

  7. Jane’s an adorable child. And yes, Joe, time really does fly by!

    I love her outfit and so cute that she’s a studious kid. 🙂

    Congratulations on making it into private school, kids!

    Aw, Jason is ADORABLE as a toddler! He looks just like I imagine Joe must have. 😀

    Okay, Jane is too darn cute with her little brother. *melts* I love the picture of them kissing!

    I agree, things are going fantastically for Joe! (Which is probably when Sadie will show back up, isn’t it. *peers suspiciously*)

  8. I agree that last picture is a real keeper 😀

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