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Joe finally finished his residence and began his own practice in Lakeland Park.  He found that with being able to set his own schedule  he had a lot more free time and time to himself.  So he decided to buy and old junker car and fix it up for himself.  So he started by working on the engine.

Joe tinkers under the hood

Joe tinkers under the hood

Joe found himself really enjoying his time outside working on his car.  He had hopes of getting good enough that when Jason became a teenager the two of them could fix it up together and he could have fixed up his own car to drive.  Thoughts of father son bonding time fiilled his mind as he sanded off the body to prep it for its paint job.

Time for some body work

Time for some body work

While Jane and Jason were close Jane was not without friends her own age.  She had met several other kids at Lakeland Academy but her best friend had quickly become Yvette.  Joe and Ericka found that Yvette was over several times a week and it was almost as if they had inherited another daughter.  Fortunately Jane and Yvette were little trouble.  Ericka often found them in the yard playing various games or inside battling over a game of chess.

Best Friends

Best Friends

Time continued to speed by and before they knew it, it was time for Jason to join Jane at Lakeland Academy.

Jason Shmoe - Child

Jason Shmoe - Child

Even though Jane and Jason were in the same school their bond continued to grow strong.  If Jane wasn’t with Yvette she was spending time with Jason.

Siblings and Friends

Siblings and Friends

But just when life seemed to settle into normalcy for the Shmoes.  Everything changed.

Meet Jill Shmoe

Meet Jill Shmoe



  1. *blinks* well now .. isn’t that a wonderful surprise!
    Welcome to the family Jill!

  2. I wasn’t expecting that either! *coos at Jill*

  3. Well! Hello, Jill! You’re a nice little surprise!

  4. Wow … red hair sure is dominant in your family. It doesn’t seem to be in mine. *pout* Jason is so CUTE!! Look at those HUGE eyes of his. :O) And ooh! Hi there, Jill! :O)

  5. Another baby! I am still shocked that ACR hasn’t really kicked in for me in this sense. I’m sure it’ll come back and bite in the butt soon enough.

  6. Love that close-up of Joe half-smiling while working on his car, thinking about father/son bonding time.

    Yvette’s cute and I’m glad Joe and Erika don’t mind her coming over a lot!

    Wow, Jason is really cute as a kid!

    Welcome baby Jill! *cheers* (Toldja Joe was fertile – although he’s only giving you single children each time. *grins*)

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