Posted by: sgtheather | April 10, 2009

The Rush of Time

While the arrival of Jill was unexpected she certainly was loved.  Joe and Ericka had planned on being done having children with Jason, little Jill stole their hearts.  She grew quickly and before they knew it Jill was a year old and they had another toddler on their hands.

Jill Shmoe - Toddler

Jill Shmoe - Toddler

Jill was a good toddler and rarely caused a fuss.  In fact, when she’d wake up in the  morning or after a nap she’d be perfectly content to stay in her crib for a while and inspect her fingers or her toes or whatever she happened to find in her nose.

Jill contently chews on her hand

Jill contently chews on her hand

It wasn’t too long after Jill’s birthday that there was another birthday in the Shmoe household.  This time it was Jane.  Joe and Ericka’s oldest was going to be starting high school.  Now they had a teenager to contend with in addition to a toddler.

Jane Shmoe - Teenager

Jane Shmoe - Teenager

Joe was convinced that he was going to have to beat boys off with a stick once he saw his daughter getting ready to head out with her friend Yvette to do some shopping.

But it became obvious that Jane’s interests did not lie in the boys at school but the girls.  In fact, she and Yvette became more then friends.

First Kiss with Yvette Andrews

First Kiss with Yvette Andrews

Joe realized he needed to have a conversation with his daughter.  He had to admit he was in a bit of denial about his daughter’s preference.  So one morning over breakfast Joe decided to bring up the subject.

“Jane, honey can we talk?”

“Talk away, Dad.”

“I want to talk to you about Yvette.”

Jane turned a little red, “Daaad.  Jason is here!”

Time for a talk

Time for a talk

Jason jumped up from the table, “Don’t worry.  I’m gone.”

“Ok, now, Yvette.”

“What about her Dad?”

“Are you, uh.  I mean to say, do you, er, um–”

“She’s my girlfriend Dad.”

“But wouldn’t you like to, you know, have a boyfriend?”

“No Dad.  Hey look at it this way, at least you don’t have to worry about me getting pregnant.”

“I guess that’s true.”

“I’m going to be late for school.  I love you Dad.”

“Love you too.”

Joe was left wondering how exactly to respond to this revelation of his daughter.  But as far as other things go he couldn’t complain.  Jane got straight A’s in school.  She never stayed out late.  And she was a huge help with Jill.  Joe and Ericka were both involved in their careers and Jane was always willing to babysit.

Jane takes care of Jill

Jane takes care of Jill

Ericka had no issues with Jane’s decision but Joe couldn’t help but feel a little troubled.  Jane was an amazing young lady and understood her father’s hesitation.  But she hoped her father would come around.



  1. ‘or whatever she happened to find in her nose’
    okay ew! LOL
    Jane is gorgeous!
    Aw come on Joe lighten up. Just accept your daughters decision and move on. At least she is up front and honest with you.

  2. Ew…. a nose picker!!

    Jane really is a beauty.

    My first thought was “Yeah, at least he doesn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant,” and then a few scrolls of my mouse later, that’s exactly what Jane said! LOL…

    I’m always curious though… did you decide that she was going to hook up with Yvette, or did ACR or something else decide it for you?

  3. Jill’s a really cute toddler. 😀 Hehe, I love the toddlers that are perfectly content to hang out in their cribs. (Not that my toddlers have cribs anymore, they usually just have the mats so they can get up and down on their own. Especially when I had FIVE of the buggers.)

    Jane really is -stunning-! And I hope Joe has some sort of guard to travel around with her ’cause no way the boys aren’t going to swarm. 🙂 Huh, well, didn’t see that coming. I guess he doesn’t have to worry about those horrid boys knocking his little princess up after all. *blinks*

    Jason’s one smart rugrat there. *snickers* He sure knows when to beat feet!

    See? That’s what I said! *points a finger at Jane’s response to her dad*

    I hope Joe is able to come around too. At least he’s not making a huge fuss about it and driving a wedge between himself and his daughter.

  4. I can’t add anything better than what’s already been said. *points up* Everything they said!

  5. I finally figured out how to reply to comments (yes I am that slow) so I figured I’d do it. Yes, Jane really is gorgeous. I about fell over when I saw how great she turned out.

  6. I don’t have ACR installed actually. I decided to have that happen when Yvette came home with her literally everyday from school. They seemed to have this inseparable bond. It felt like the right thing to do, although with those looks it was tough.

  7. Joe has certainly bred well. All the kids are cuties. Jason is a clever little guy and also extremely close to his sister. Joe is very much into his family but this threw a little wrench into the equation.

  8. 🙂

  9. Joe will eventually come around. We know he will. He’s just that kinda guy. :O)) But WOW! The kids are gorgeous! Why don’t my guys look as gorgeous. *Pout*

    Way to go Jane – know thy self! :O)

  10. I love the detail in Janes hair – very pretty :DD

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